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Interested in Building Bridges Between Cultures? Your Journey Begins Here.

This is your gateway to the Interculturalists’ Guild. Upon acceptance, you will be connected to people, opportunities and resources that will change your life. This is how you enroll for Ampersand P-P-T’s professional development wing, including our flagship English for the Community Certificate program.

First, You’ll need to sign an agreement in the presence of a P-P-T Ofici@. You can read through this before completing it.

Next: create a Guild Name, schedule, and Communication Plan. First fill in this form, then create a login below the form. We apologize for collecting¬†duplicate information – we’re still small, so we can’t afford a big integrated database. The form helps us keep your information in an easy reference space for connecting with you and scheduling. The login gives access to certain parts of the website.

Finally: Create your Login to the Guild!

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